Why People Give Up

Everyone has goals but not everyone reaches them. Why is this? Why do some people end up giving up on their goals and dreams? I’m going to tell you a few reasons I’ve seen a lot of people not reach their potential because they gave up too soon.

The most common reason most people give up is because they lose their focus. Focusing on your end result and purpose can help you persevere through any roadblocks and hardships you face. For example, I’ve heard of a desolate highway in which there are a lot of crashes into a specific pole on the side of the road. Authorities investigated why this happened and found that people who were trying to avoid this pole at night, which was lighted, actually ended up veering off the road and into it because they were focused on it. If they had just focused on looking down the road then they would not have crashed. Our brains are wired to try to help us accomplish things that we are focused on. Day to day, too many people focus on the wrong things and become distracted from the greater purpose they are trying to achieve. How can we stop ourselves from getting distracted like this? The key is to refocus yourself daily.

My technique for this is to take about 10 minutes every morning and think about a few things that I want to achieve. I usually think about these objectives in the 6-12 month range and maybe even a 5 year goal. I define the goal in my head and then think about what I need to do to achieve that goal. After that, I really try to feel and imagine what it will feel like to achieve that goal. This allows me to both strategize and inspire myself to accomplish my goals and I never give up on anything.

While some people quit due to focus, a lot of people just don’t have the right strategy. No matter how focused you are, if you are running East to find a sunset then you’ll never succeed. Once you have the motivation and focus, you have to build the right strategy to achieve your goal. A great way to come up with a strategy is modeling. Model other people’s behavior that  you admire. If someone has accomplished a goal that you have already, then look and see what they did to get there. If you don’t have direct access to talk to that person, then watch videos or read a book about them. Some of the best strategies can be found in books. Let’s use weight loss as an example. If you have been inspired to lose weight, then you need a good diet and workout plan. These plans are your strategy to accomplish your goal of losing weight.

The final reason many people give up on their dreams is that is just seems too difficult. Many people have focus, strategy, and motivation at first, but when the first few difficulties arise they quit. Almost everything good in life has to be worked for and is not easy. Most things that are easy are short term and either don’t create long term happiness or are actually bad for you. A great natural illustration of this is a garden. It is hard work to plow the ground, plant the seeds, and water it. Furthermore, if you had never gardened before and didn’t see results that week, you might give up way too soon. This happens to so many people! They plant seeds of greatness in their lives, work on it for a bit, and then give up because they don’t see results fast enough.

Think about these 3 reasons that many people give up on their dreams. Do any of these sound familiar in your own life? Think about a time that you have failed or quit and figure out the reasoning behind it. Realizing why you failed and changing will make a huge impact on your life.

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